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About Us

was created in 2021, June. Mp3reel is a music promotion website which provides promotion,information and lyrics of music to music-lovers.

Apart from being a promoter, Mp3reel also provides News & Entertainment to readers/visitors.

Our main aim is to provide music to all music lovers worldwide and to help all artists,

established or upcoming artists to archive their goals. Our other mission is to provide authentic news & entertainment.

mp3reel.com is an online news portal in India which is published to present information in the form of text, audio, photos that are formed based on hypermedia and hypertext technology.

With the advancement of information and the development of social media, mp3reel.com now comes with various new features which are a mix of digital media communication.

The information submitted is updated continuously which is summarized in a number of channels, making it a trustworthy news portal.

mp3reel.com contains news that is broadcast in an actual and reliable manner, and has a comfortable and easy display.

This online media portal is independent and provides accurate, balanced and credible information.

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